Music Binds Us All


A dedication to music‘s sweaty past and a tribute to its bold future. Music… The holy grail, the last leap from the ledge, the beating heart of the collective consciousness, a call to arms-a call to ears-music lovers of the world unite. Break the chains of wax in your blocked canals and let your heart rediscover the tribal bliss that is part of your human heritage – the kind of bliss achieved by rhythm, vibrations and beats.

Nothing can touch us like music. Nothing can conjure up an old memory like a song. Songs dig themselves deep into our sub-conscious like moles. They have the power to make us cry in a minute or feel emotional for no reason. Music is unreasonable in its math like precision. Even the most casual observer has a favorite song or musical moment that they cherish….. Then there are those of us who take it further…

There are those of us who have gone through myriad hardships and endured many sketchy situations to have music shine its love on our skin – follicles dancing in the moonlight.  There are those of us who have followed this band or that and have road stories that would make the lice in your locks look for the lifeboat! Some of us still live there at festivals forever in the gratitude of music’s hazy enlightenment. Some of us have whirled and twirled and suffered ego death on the prairie of musical frontiers. Some of us have prayed with hands clasped for one more from our favorites or just for a great show. Some have smiled or made smile a dancing partner and many a dancing partner has become a night adventure. Many a night adventure has become a life endeavor and music is the chain that holds the swing to the structure!

People that are passionate about music are evenly split into two groups – There are musicians and there are fans. Between the two this portion of the population keeps the magic and ritual of music alive; which in turn creates the myth. Maybe that is what this article is about – the myth of music. Maybe this is just a dedication to everyone who has a favorite record album they cant get rid of even though they don’t own a record player. Or maybe I should dedicate this to all of you who still sing LOUD in the shower!

In the end, songs bind our DNA and melodies give us wings, rhythm lets us breathe better and to keep a beat is the heart of the matter – like the salt of the earth, music is ancient and eternal and will always be one of the things that define man and his culture.

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