Devo and the DEVOLUTION

They saw that the planet was on a downward spiral.  That society was no longer evolving, what we were experiencing was in fact de-evolution.

Mankind was regressing….  We were destroying the planet. They believed that the world was dominated by greed and consumerism and that the planet would ultimately be destroyed by the only species that couldn’t live as one with their environment. MANKIND.

In their music they found a powerful medium to share their dire prediction of human decay.  They were DEVO, short for De-evolution.

Brothers Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh joined Gerald Casale and his brother Bob along with drummer Alan Myers.  Their desire was to “sound different, look different and act different”.  With their signature synth sound and confrontational lyrics they challenged musical norms.  They are best remembered for their 1980 hits and quirky music videos for “Whip it” and “Freedom of choice” but their comic façade distracted many listeners from a grave message that today is disturbingly haunting.

In the 1980’s their punk scientist attitude was viewed as whacky and extreme. They shared a trailblazing environmental message but their predictions were often mocked, now 40+ years later we ask, Was DEVO Correct?

They were always political to the core and today they think the world has a lot to answer for.

“We wish we were just some crazy art group, we didn’t want to be right”

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