On This day in 1973, Keith Moon Passed out and…..

After Keith Moon passed out at his drum kit, The Who pulled a fan from the audience to take over.

19-year-old Scot Halpin was the lucky fan chosen to complete the set at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. He did an admirable job on the three remaining songs – “Smokestack Lightning,” “Spoonful,” and “Naked Eye” – and took a bow with the group. Rolling Stone named him their “Pick-Up Player Of The Year.”
As for Moon, management blamed jet lag, but it probably had something to do with the horse tranquilizers he ingested.  Initially, everything seemed fine but when the band started playing ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again,’ Keith’s drumming started getting slower and slower, and eventually, he passed out on his kit. The band stopped playing and when they realized what’s going on, a group of roadies rushed in to take him off the stage, but Moon resisted shouting ‘I can take it, I am Keith f*cking Moon.’

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